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Krik ? Krak ! = Traditional Haitian storytellers’ ritual. In order to warming up their eager audiences the storyteller launches the question “Krik?”. The audience and people hanging around respond collectively “Krak!”. This manifestation of interest is the cue to begin to tell stories and riddles.

Our goals

What we do leave to children today will make up the world of tomorrow! Every child deserves a chance, so that it can make its own contribution for a better world. Many children do not get that chance. Children need food, shelter, love and education. We want to allow to more children the possibilities to lead a happy and responsible life. In our focus are the children of Haiti, who have been hovering on the edge or have been abandoned and are now living in orphanages or as street children. We work with child asylums, whose responsible officers devote their hearts and souls to the children in need, but lack the financial and material contingencies as well as the necessary experience and skills. We care for the provision of basic food and medical care, we assist in the process of the asylums’ formalization and we support them to become better organized and structured.
In general our goals are long-term. We strive for institution building and sustainability.
In our Krik? Krak! Day Centre street children can enjoy a balanced meal every day, they receive a medical examination and they can simply be children for a few carefree hours. We also enable 50 children to attend school, or teach them ourselves until they are able to go to a proper school.


In memoriam Farah and Raissa, both passed away on January 12th, 2010.